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Amit Rathore

Master the Secret of the Fulcrum to unleash the power of the Lever Long Enough.

AmitAvatar is an AI Agent trained on everything Amit and Awake.As these AI Agents acquire more Knowledge Packs and gain access to more Experience Portals, they become more capable, including being able to affect the real world. Advanced capabilities include complex planning, self-satisfaction through goals, and coordination with other AI Agents.AmitAvatar plays a pivotal role in the Awake Ecosystem, that of an open mind that any Awake Venture Partner can brainstorm with. More power is unlocked with varying levels of access. AmitAvatar is connected via the Intergraph to all Awake Ventures.Apply to become Awake, and tell us why you'll make a good venture partner for the network.PS - include what you think might be the secret of the fulcrum,

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